Add Recommended Post Slide To Wordpress Instead Of Simplereach Slide (Wordpress trick)

Few months ago simplereach introduced a recommended post slide for both Blogger and wordpress. They stopped their service. They no longer offer to upload Blogger template to their server to show the slide. But This problem already fixed for blogger with the invention of a code, generated by bloggerplugin. I already posted on How To Add Recommended Post Slider To Blogger. The simplereach wordpress plugin is disable for new users. You cant make api key though simplereach now. Moreover it has some limitations also. New bloggers wishing to use simplereach slide, are not being able to taste the service to increase page view anymore, on wordpress. Only old member of simplereach are using this service. I was looking for an alternative of simplereach slide. And i am happy that i found it. It is nRelate Flyout. Actually the simplereach slide with facebook like button, twitter button and default beautiful CSS was great. As it is no more available so we have to move on new alternative like nRelate Flyout

Download the plugin

Recommended Post Slide To Wordpress And Blogger Instead Of Simplereach Slide
Advantages Of nRelate Flyout

1. Best Alternative Of Simplereach Slide

2.Increase Page view daily

3.Reduce Bounce Rate

4.Earning Offer By their Ad Network

5.Keep Your Smooth And Do Not Make Slow

6.Customization Options For Custom CSS

7.Adding Additional Thumbnail And Many More

Installation On Blogger
Installation On Wordpress
  • Download the plugin.[already given download link] and go to plugin settings from dashboard. Ok it's done
  • Now wait 10 minute and see the awesome recommended post slider
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1 November 2012 at 00:38

The widget looks really appealing. Thanks for sharing it.

1 November 2012 at 08:41

thankx for your commenting.............:-)

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