How To Remove Hello Bar Logo From Blogger (Blog trick)

Hello bar is a sticky bar that displays announcement and important messages or link. Hello bar now a days becoming popular. But Hello bar H logo containing backlink, when a reader clicks on the logo, it redirects to hello bar homepage. A small CSS code will aid you to remove the Hellobar "H" logo

Removing Hello Bar logo From Wordpress

  • Log in to your site

  • Now you have to add the following CSS code In header.php file

  • Open header.php file and add the following CSS code above </head>

  • <style type='text/css'>
    a#hellobar-logo, a#hellobar-logo:link, a#hellobar-logo:visited {

  • Now save the file and done

  • Removing Hello Bar logo From Blogger

  • Go to Blogger dashboard → Design → Edit html

  • Now add the following CSS code just above ]]></b:skin>

  •  a#hellobar-logo, a#hellobar-logo:link, a#hellobar-logo:visited {

  • Now Save

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