Post here your tips and tricks for all the SE phones that you may know.
I'll try to put all the tricks in this first post so everyone can read it.

[u]Rules for posting:[/u]

[b]- Mention the Model Name (e.g. T610, K700i etc.)
- Mention how to do the trick
- Make sure the trick do works, if not mention on which firmware version it does[/b]

Me or the other mods will try to update this post as soon as possible

[u][b]Tips And Tricks[/b][/u]

[b] Sony Ericsson F500i[/b]
[u]Service Menu[/u] - >*<<*<*
Shows you hidden items

[u]Silent Mode[/u] - "#" or "C"
Puts your phone quickly in Silent Mode or disables it

[u]Camera Toggles[/u]
When using camera use press:
"1" For switching Resolution
"2" Turning NightMode on/off
"3" For Special Effects
"4" Self-Timer
"Joystick Up or Down" Zoom
"Volume Up/Down" Brightness adjust

[u]Phone Status[/u] - Volume Key In Stand-By
This will show your phone status

[u]Quick Menu[/u] - "C" in Stand-By
This will show-up a small menu with the options: Silent, Profiles and IR

[b] Sony Ericsson K500i[/b]

[b] Sony Ericsson K700i[/b]
[u]Service Menu[/u] - >*<<*<*
Shows you hidden items

[u]Firmware Info[/u] - >*<<*<*11
Shows which firmware you are using

[u]Silent Mode[/u] - "#" or "C"
Puts your phone quickly in Silent Mode or disables it

[b] Sony Ericsson P800[/b]
[u]Service Menu[/u] - Jog dial Up -> * -> Down-> Down-> * -> Down-> *

[u]Silent Mode[/u](when flip attached) - Press C button on Flip

[u]Menu Key[/u](when flip attached) - Keylock on/off, Silent on/off, Calls, status, Applications

[u]Speaker Phone[/u](when flip attached) -
When on call Open Flip, close to off Speaker Phone

[u]Show IMEI[/u] - *#06#

[u]Volume Adjust[/u] - When On call, Move the Jog Dial for Volume Increase
Move jog dial down for Volume Decrease

[u]Busy Tone[/u]
When receiving a Call to send a busy tone to the caller press the Jog dial Outwards.

[u]MMS navigating[/u]
While going through a MMS, turn up & down to go within the pages.

[b] Sony Ericsson P900[/b]

[b] Sony Ericsson P910[/b]

[b] Sony Ericsson S700[/b]

[b] Sony Ericsson T100[/b]

[b] Sony Ericsson T200[/b]

[b] Sony Ericsson T226[/b]

[b] Sony Ericsson T230[/b]

[b] Sony Ericsson T300[/b]
[u]Silent Mode[/u] - When On Standby mode Keep on pressing the "C" button for around 2-3 seconds. Then a menu will pop up with the title Standby Menu. Now you could press 1 to turn on silent press 2 to lock keypad.

[u]Volume Adjust[/u] - During a call is in progress you could Move the Volume slider Up & Down to adjust the volume.

[u]Service Menu[/u] - >*<<*<*

[u]Check IMEI[/u] - *#06#

[u]Call List[/u] - When on Standby press the Yes key, this will pop up the Call list.

[u]Zoom (+)(-)[/u] - While taking pictures using the MCA 25 Communicam, You may move the joystick on the the Right to Zoom in, Move the joystick to Zoom out.

[u]Status Information[/u] - Standby mode, move the Volume slider to view the Status Information.

[u]Activate Infrared[/u]
Press the Menu key and Press 3. This'll activate Infrared.

[u]Access Mobile Internet Sites[/u]
Press the Menu Key and Press 4. This'll take you to your homepage.

[b] Sony Ericsson T306[/b]

[b] Sony Ericsson T310[/b]

[b] Sony Ericsson T316[/b]

[b] Sony Ericsson T600[/b]

[b] Sony Ericsson T606[/b]

[b] Sony Ericsson T608[/b]

[b] Sony Ericsson T610[/b]

[u]Call Voice Mail[/u]
Press 1

[u]Recieving Calls[/u]
Press the Yes key or an alternative Joystick.

[u]Word Editing[/u]
When Typing SMS to edit a word press the More Key. This is valid when using predictive text input.

[u]Key Pad Lock[/u]
Press the More key then the * key to lock & unlock the keypad.

[u]Phone Status[/u]
Press the Volume key to findout about the status of your phone.

[u]Activate Infrared & Bluetooth[/u]
Press the More key and scroll down and press the[b] On Infrared [/b]or [b]On Bluetooth[/b] to make the ideal actions.

[u]Silent Mode[/u]
Press the More Key and scroll to [b]On the Silent Mode[/b].

[u]Post Note[/u]
When in Standby press More Key scroll down to New Note in the menu and then select it.

[u]Delay Timer[/u]
When in Camera press the More key & select the Self-Timer.

[b] Sony Ericsson T616[/b]

[b] Sony Ericsson T618[/b]

[b] Sony Ericsson T630[/b]

[b] Sony Ericsson T68i[/b]

[b] Sony Ericsson Z1010[/b]

[b] Sony Ericsson Z200[/b]

[b] Sony Ericsson Z600[/b]