7 Ways to Create an Adsense Account without Having a Website(How-tos)

Google AdSense is one of the most popular way to make money from Internet by displaying ads on your web pages. Google AdSense was launched on June 18, 2003 and today there are millions of Google AdSense publishers. Google easily approves AdSense accounts in most of countries but in few countries Google hardly approve AdSense applications. The reason is, applying for an Adsense account through low quality-content websites. If you are having a website, then you must know how to create an adsense account successfully within few hours. However, you can get an AdSense account even without owning a website.

Many people are selling AdSense account by using trick to Create AdSense account immediately. Actually there is no trick behind creating an Adsense account. They just make people fool by creating AdSense account via other websites. Other websites mean those websites who have revenue sharing system. Following are 7 websites which allows you to create an AdSense account. You don't have to pay them for this, just create an account there and apply for your AdSense account.

1- Blogger.com

Blogger.com (also known as blogspot.com) is a free blogging service from Google Inc. This is just like creating a free website on a sub-domain.Blogger gives you huge space to upload your text contents and pictures plus gives you so many templates with customization option. Just go to Blogger.com, create your blog, post some unique articles and Apply for an AdSense account through their Monetize tab.
Link: http://www.blogger.com/

2- Hubpages.com

Hubpages is a website where people post their articles and get paid out of it. Hubpages is a revenue sharing website where you can share your article on any subject and they will pay you for this. You can apply for an AdSense account via their Revenue share system.
Link: http://www.hubpages.com

3- Flixya.com

Flixya is another way to create an AdSense account. Flixya is a website to share pictures, videos and blogs and it is powered by Google AdSense itself so there are higher chances of AdSense account approval. Simply signup for an account at Flixya, upload 10 ore more pictures, create a blog and apply for an AdSense account.
Link: http://www.flixya.com

4- Docstoc

Its really simple and easy to create an AdSense via Docstoc. Go to Docstoc, upload few documents there such as txt, doc or presentation files. But make sure those files contain some well written form. Simply go to Docstoc, create an account, upload few docs and apply for an AdSense account.
Link: http://www.docstoc.com/

5- BloggerParty

This is yet another revenue sharing website. It works like Hubpages. All you have to do is create an account there, share your experience there. When you signup for an account, you will see an option to signup for Google AdSense account through them. Select that option and you will get an account successfully.
Link: http://www.bloggerparty.com/

6- IndyaRocks

This is a social network almost like Facebook. Here you can make friends, update your status, share pictures etc. First of all, create an account there and complete your profile. Write 5 blogs at least and when you have done with it simply apply for an Adsense account application.
Link: http://www.indyarocks.com/

7- Webanswers

Webanswers.com is just like Yahoo! Answers. People ask questions on various topics and others can answer this. You can get an AdSense account from this website also. Simply go to this website, post answers to some questions.
Link: http://www.webanswers.com/
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