Get a adsense account in 6 hours flat ! (How-tos)

    When I first applied to Google Adsense account 1 month ago, I waited for over a week and got rejected. But yesterday I found the easiest way to get a Google Adsense Account - AND I GOT APPROVED IN 6 HOURS FLAT.

    I AM SURE ANYONE CAN GET APPROVED using this method. Yes people from India, Africa it doesnt matter And I havent seen this method shared anywhere else...Unlike some other methods shared like Create a Youtube Channel ,upload videos, Make sure those videos get some hits and apply for Adsense, this method doesnt need much work on your part..

    It is as simple as it gets. Here is how...

    HTML Code:


    is a website that is partnering with Google Adsense. It is much like , where people read documents, ebooks online uploaded by others.

    When you sign up for docstoc account using the URL you have an option to join Adsense through their website if you dont have Adsense account..Here is the URL

    HTML Code:

    For those who do not have a adsense account they can apply to Adsense through their website


    Start by registering or signing into Docstoc.

    Don’t have an AdSense account yet? That’s okay - we’ll help you set one up. It's easy.
    You are now logged in, click submit to complete your DocCash application
    Submitting information to Google AdSense

    * I already have an AdSense account

    Please enter the following information you provided to Google when you registered with AdSense.
    Please fill out all of the following fields.
    Email Address
    Last 5 Digits of Phone Number
    Postal Code

    * I'd like to set up an AdSense account

    Please provide your email address below. Google will email you instructions on how to set up your new AdSense account. You should receive the instructions within 2-3 days.

    Once your account is confirmed, you will automatically begin earning revenue from the documents you have uploaded to Docstoc.

    And that is it, you get approved within 6 hours. For ads placed in their site( (thru Your adsense account), they share a 50/50 revenue...However you can use the adsense account for your sites/blogs and for ads placed in your blogs/sites you keep all the revenue to yourself....

    So you can earn some $$$ from (50 % revenue) in addition to using your blogs/sites...

    So what are you waiting for ? For those who dont have a adsense account, GO GET ONE...

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7 October 2015 at 00:03

Very informative, keep posting such good articles, it really helps to know about things.

9 September 2018 at 15:42

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