Get adsense account List of Adsense Revenue Sharing Sites(How-tos)

In the last post we have seen about how to start adsense revenue sharing program on . Now i am going to tell you about some other sites which also allows adsense revenue sharing program so you can also earn through these sites too.
By taking part in the Adsense Revenue Sharing communities and websites, you have a great way to earn extra income. Often the Adsense revenue shared is between 50 and 100 percent for the content that you add to the specific site. This content could be in the form of a forum thread that you start, an article, a video or picture, a blog, or other types of content.If you spread your efforts across different sites, you could make some decent income. It is also an effective way of generating income for your own site by giving the visitors an incentive to contribute and keep returning.

  • AdSensigg – AdSensigg = AdSense + DIGG-like (interesting idea) – 50% Adsense Revenue Share
  • Dosh Dosh – Invite only revenue sharing community – Unknown
  • Free Ads with Adsense Revenue Sharing – Interesting link building venture – Unknown
  • FunAdvice – Advice and answers site – Unknown
  • Google Earth Hacks – Google Earth hacks forum – 75%
  • Hub Pages Publish information on a topic you love to write about – 10% (oh boy!)
  • Trend Hunter Report trends that you find – 100% New!
  • Senserely Yours – An entire community based around sharing Adsense Revenue – Unknown
  • That’s Pretty Dumb – Highlighting the stupidest things businesses do to us – 100%
  • QooForum – A general forum about anything and everything – 50%
  • – A gadgets article and blog site – 75%
  • You Say Too – Revenue Sharing Community – 50%
Rating Sites
Rights and Advocacy
Domain/SEO/Advertising/Webmaster Sites

Home Improvement
Social Networking
  • Google Knol – Wikipedia-like site by Google – 100%
  • FriendTrain – social media site – Unknown
  • Lensroll – Directory of Squidoo pages – 50%
  • Squidoo - An excellent social media site – Shares revenue based upon various criteria *very good source of revenue!
  • Qassia – Articles Submission and social media – 100% New!
  • Tagfoot - Excellent social bookmarking site – 50%+ New!
  • Xomba - Make posts, share links with other Xomba users – 50%
IT, Tech-related
Video and Photo
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